Films To Be Buried With – Brett Goldstein

LOOK OUT! It’s only Films To Be Buried With! Join your host Brett Goldstein as he talks life, death, love and the universe with the brilliant novelist and comedian SHAPPI KHORSANDI!

Brett has hit his lockdown swing a good three or four weeks into this whole mindbending situation, and following his past two week triumphs with the whole zoom recording revelation, he’s going in AGAIN with the great Shappi! A lovely and wide ranging, deep conversation which hits on some surprisingly touching and heartfelt moments. Everything from lockdown thoughts and how working from home has offered her some much needed time with the fam, how her being home so much has turned the cat and dog into trained killers and providers but also messed with the rodent ecosystem somewhat, the existential maladies of having children and some truthful moments, being raised atheist, her genius kids who deliver insight beyond their years, her love of the masculine side of cinema (including Scarface and Rambo of course), and her books and plans and all that good stuff! Go and enjoy, it’s fantastic!

• Just a quick note – as Brett mentions in the intro, I had a bit of a rough time getting this one into listenable shape due to some crazy connection and tech issues, but I did what I could! It’s not perfect, but after a few minutes your ears thankfully adjust and you’ll be fine. I’m very mindful of sound quality and want you to have a good experience so I hope this works okay for your listening! THANK YOU!!!